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WO Payments Suite

Advertising sales systems

WO Payments Suite helps media finance teams automate order-to-cash processes to improve both efficiency and accuracy. The result is increased on-time payments, improved cash flow, and reduced operating costs.

Purpose-built for the media industry, WO Payments Suite is more than just a payment portal, extending automation throughout the entire accounting cycle to save both time and money by reducing manual effort and associated errors. WO Payments Suite’s robust cash application, lockbox, and treasury reconciliation tools will enable you to go from order-to-cash fast.

WO Payments Suite offers:

  • Streamlined collections: Support for online payment processing means you can say goodbye to paper checks and payments by email, fax, or phone

  • Direct cash application: Direct API Lockbox technology provides fast, secure, accurate, and timely payment posting

  • Intuitive Buyer Payment Portal: Easy self-serve payment options improve client adoption, minimizing collections efforts to improve efficiency and increase client (buyer) satisfaction/useability

  • Increased Security and Compliance: Keep your clients’ personally identifiable information (PII) data safe with full PCI-DSS compliance

  • Traffic System Integration: Seamless data synchronization with WO Traffic and WO Network improves accuracy by ensuring every payment is automatically associated with the correct client and invoice

  • Flexible Workflows: Supports centralized and decentralized business models, with customizable workflows to eliminate redundant effort and save your team time

  • Cloud Based: Secure, 24/7 remote access from anywhere, on virtually any device, with automatic software updates – no hardware to buy or support

  • Improve Your Customers’ Experience: WO Payments Suite provides a positive customer experience, with single sign-on, access to all related invoices, historical payment data, and the ability to set-up recurring payments

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