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Landmark Sales

Advertising sales systems

Today’s media environment is challenging, particularly from an advertising sales perspective. Advertisers want placement across myriad multimedia delivery modes — traditional broadcast, digital, new media, mobile, and more. Campaigns are becoming increasingly complex, advertisers are demanding new levels of accountability — and at the same time, you are charged with maximizing revenue and optimizing the use of inventory. One system — Landmark™ Sales — can help you manage the challenges and experience the rewards of this multifaceted selling environment.

Landmark Sales manages billions of dollars of advertising inventory for leading media companies around the world. The system — which is also available as a cloud-based, fully managed service — executes advertising campaigns across multichannel, multimedia environments and provides total control over available inventory to ensure efficient and effective time utilization. Whether you are a nimble cross-media sales operation, regional network or large-scale multichannel operator, the powerful campaign-led approach provides automatic spot placement for audience-, line-, and spot-based ad sales.

Landmark Sales provides a comprehensive solution to monetize audiences across platforms, with the tools and visibility to strategically drive revenue growth and streamline operations.

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