Actus Mosaic – Broadcast Multiviewer

Encoding and multiplexing for distribution and re-distribution

Video stream encoding and multiplexing (combining multiple streams into one), to create a multiplex for digital cable, satellite or terrestrial distribution.

MediaKind Aquila Broadcast

An All IP Broadcasting solution delivering efficient, quality media experiences

MediaKind Aquila Streaming

Solution for processing & delivering video over any streaming network to any device

MediaKind Cygnus Distribution

Reliably and securely delivering live media services through primary distribution networks

Matrox DSX Core

Cloud-Based Media Processing

Matrox M264 Family

Instant density and quality boost for H.264 encoding and decoding

Live Video Cloud

Built for acquiring, routing, and distributing high-value live streams

Aperi Uncompressed Transport (SMPTE 2022-5,-6,-7) over IP App

Uncompressed (SMPTE 2022-5,-6,-7) SDI transport streams encapsulated and decapsulated over IP.

Aperi MPEG Transport Stream ASI over IP (SMPTE 2022-1,-2,-7)

Simultaneous 4 input and 4 output channels of SD/HD/3G SDI encapsulated to/from 10 GbE IP.

Aperi H.264 Encoder & Decoder Apps

2 channel SD, HD, 3G H.264 encoder & decoder with SMPTE 2022-1/-2 IP encapsulation & decapsulation.

Aperi JPEG 2000 Encoder & Decoder

4 channel JPEG 2000 SD/HD or 2 channel 3G encoded & encapsulated/decoded & decapsulated over IP.

Aperi TICO Encoder & Decoder App

The TICO Encoder and Decoder app enables a 4K UHD channel that provides virtually lossless quality.

NVS-33 H.264 Video Streaming Server

H.264 streaming and recording simultaneously.