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Alveo Adaptable Accelerator Cards

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Embracing the shift to media workflow virtualization, and enabling hardware acceleration of software video processing algorithms, Alveo adaptable accelerator cards provide an ideal platform for development and deployment of a wide range of broadcast applications.

Highest Performance

  • Up to 90X higher performance than CPUs on key workloads at one-third the cost

  • Over 4X higher inference throughput and 3X latency advantage over GPU-based solutions

Adaptable to Any Workload

  • Machine learning inference to video processing/encoding/transcoding to any workload using the same accelerator card

  • As workload algorithms evolve, use reconfigurable hardware to adapt faster than fixed-function accelerator card product cycles

Cloud On-Premise Mobility

  • Deploy solutions in the cloud or on-premise interchangeably, scalable to application requirements

  • Applications available for common workloads, or build your own with the Application Developer Tool