Alveo™ U30 Adaptable Accelerator Card

Alveo™ U30 Adaptable Accelerator Card

Alveo™ U30 Adaptable Accelerator Card

Alveo™ U30 Adaptable Accelerator Card


Embracing the shift to media workflow virtualization, and enabling hardware acceleration of software video processing algorithms, Alveo U30 adaptable accelerator cards provide an ideal platform for development and deployment of a wide range of streaming applications.

The Alveo U30 media accelerator card provides the industry’s highest channel density, lowest cost per channel, and lowest power consumption for live video streaming workloads. When coupled with Video Software Developers Kit (SDK) from AMD the solution provides a production-ready platform for live streaming providers to benefit from AMD hardware acceleration with standards-based FFmpeg, GStreamer and APIs.

The U30 is available for live video transcoding in the cloud over Amazon EC2 VT1 instances or as a preconfigured appliance for on-premises deployment from our partners.

High Channel-Density at Low Latency

  • Accelerate the entire video pipeline to optimize for cost-per-stream at transcode latencies as low as 8ms

Optimal Video Quality at Reduced Bandwidth

  • High compression efficiency and ABR scaling lowers bandwidth cost with optimal video quality

Cost-Effectively Scale Interactive Media Applications

  • Scale to more users and content creators by maximizing streams per server and controlling bandwidth and power expenses


Alveo U30 Features

  • Small footprint – half-height, half-length

  • Low power ~18-25W typical

  • High density media processing: 112 x 1080p30 transcodes in real-time on a single appliance populated with 7 x Alveo U30 accelerators

  • HEVC (H.265), H.264 (AVC) & Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) Scaling

  • Supports video resolutions from 128×128 to 3840×2160

  • Simultaneous decoding, scaling and encoding of up to 46 streams with max aggregated bandwidth of 2X4Kp60 per card

  • Faster-than-Real-Time (FTRT) feature enables a 60 minute 1080p60 quality video to be transcoded in 20 minutes on a single U30 accelerator

  • Xilinx Resource Manager (XRM) enables multiple video processing jobs to run across multiple Alveo U30 cards for seamless workload scaling Seamless FFmpeg, GStreamer and API integration


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