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Intraplex® IPConnect is an IP networking gateway solution for fortification of mission-critical communication across wide area networks

IPConnect solves the problem of reliable transport across complex networks that traditionally suffer data loss through dropped packets. IPConnect provides an added layer of reliability for many types of IP traffic such as HD Radio, DAB/DAB+, or DRM by employing a combination of packet protection schemes with network/time diversity and packet-level forward error correction. Additionally, IPConnect can bridge local area network (LAN) segments across wide-area networks with seamless tunneling to enhance reliability of program and signal transport across large geographical regions with multiple receiving and transmitting sites.

With its three network interfaces, IPConnect’s data gateway provides extra protection through packet encapsulation, which encloses external IP data packets in a GatesAir protocol wrapper as it moves across IP networks. IPConnect provides this protection for studio-generated data, as well as IP data from external sources. While the former might include RDS data or SNMP control signals to trigger a command at the transmitter site, the latter may incorporate program or control data coming from a network operations center, satellite feed or advertising service.

As the next-generation member in GatesAir Intraplex family of IP codecs, the award-winning IPConnect leverages the strengths of previous IP Link codecs—including GatesAir’s patented Dynamic Stream Splicing (DSS) technology to mitigate IP packet loss, eliminate off-air time, and optimize stream reliability.

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