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Facility Line Plus | BT Media & Broadcast

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Highest quality video. Delivered


FacilityLine Plus is an easy way to transmit and receive broadcast-quality video  content quickly and securely. Video is carried in uncompressed format at full resolution, with embedded audio, in accordance with SMPTE 272M/299M. It’s a dedicated service that bypasses the open internet, so there  is  no chance of the video stream degrading due to network congestion. One circuit supports multiple channel variants and you can have up to four channels – saving you up to 30% on the individual cost.


Connecting the heart of European media


London is one of the most significant media hubs in Europe. There are hundreds of production and post-production companies, facility houses and advertising agencies – all of them creating and sending high-quality video content every day. FacilityLine Plus connects you directly with over 100 media partners via our digital switch infrastructure, and over 600 media production and distribution customers. And you don’t need to be in Soho to use it either – it has a range of 35km from the BT Tower in central London, which covers the entire Greater London area.


Reliable and supported.


BT’s International Media Centre gives you 24/7/365 support. If you need diverse resilience, you can have two diversely routed circuits terminating on different Network Terminating Equipment (NTE)