Fasttico Xs Sdk - IABM Single BaM Product

Fasttico Xs Sdk - IABM Single BaM Product




JPEG XS compression ​for HD, 4K & 8K ​At the speed of light!

Available for CPU or GPU, implementing the newJPEG-XS standardand many more features, the intoPIX FastTICO-XS SDKs provide the highest quality, lowest latency, visually lossless codec for the optimization of your application. FastTICO-XS SDKs are perfect for all professionals looking to deploy ultra-low latency, lossless encoding over their whole infrastructure and workflows.

Feature overview

Quality & latency

  • Best-in-class visually lossless video codec , compliant with JPEG XS

  • Adjustable compression ratio (on frame by frame) with constant bitrate throughput (CBR)

  • From Lossless down to near-lossless / visually lossless

  • Ultra-low latency capability (down to only few lines in CPU) with an optimal API

  • Optimized for real-time operations

Processors (CPU / GPU)

  • Highly parallelized processing in encode/decode

  • x86-64 Intel / AMD CPU   (SSE 4.1, AVX2 or newer) in CPU

  • Nvidia GPU (CUDA)

Image formats & frame rates

  • Supports monochrome (4:0:0, Alpha) up to 16bit,

  • Support 4:2:2  and 4:4:4 8/10/12 bit

  • Validated up 8K UHDTV-1 (8192)

  • Frame rate depends on CPU/GPU performance & SDK packages


  • Compliant with JPEG XS standard & profiles

  • Additional advanced features by intoPIX improving performances & quality.

Rate control

  • Adjustable compression rate

  • Constant (predictable) bitrate (CBR)

Operating systems

  • Windows & Linux (32-bit/64-bit) + macOS (64 bit)


  • Embedded Downscaler Add-On: Proxy x1 & x2 decoding (ie. decode directly HD resolution or 4K resolution from  8K XS-compressed video stream)  and reduce your CPU or GPU load. 

  • FFmpeg Add-On : connect directly the intoPIX SDK to FFmpeg

  • Insertion/Extraction of Color Specification box / Video Support box from JPEG-XS part 3

  • SDI Mapping Add-On: enables users to map 4K/8K effciently over existing 3G/HD-SDI cables. This unique feature reformats the XS codestream to fully map the SDI active area avoiding the forbidden EAV/SAV codes, offering a 20% gain of compression/quality performances.

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