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Media Networks

Fiber and private IP connectivity

Our network makes it easy to distribute your content across the Globe. We link major media hubs in Amsterdam to Sydney and on every continent in between. Through our pre-connected gateways, you can start sending video and large media files straight away. Hundreds of potential customers are within reach, with broadcasters, platforms operators, sports venue studios and satellite teleports joining our connected family. We’ve delivered high profile events across the globe, from the World Cup and the Olympics to the UEFA Champions League Final and IAAF World Championships.

We constantly monitor our Global Media Network, providing you with an industry-leading 99.999% availability. You’ll be protected from high latency, jitter and downtime and if there’s any trouble, you’ll instantly switch to a second video path to ensure your content is always delivered. When you become part of our large connected broadcast community, you can enjoy new markets for your video channels as well as sending UHD video.

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