Operational Data Analysis - IABM BaM Product Category

Operational Data Analysis - IABM BaM Product Category

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Operational data analysis

Analysis, metrics and dashboards for operational performance, throughput, bottlenecks.

Versio™ Control

Configurable Master Control Dashboards


Mediaflex-UMS – transforming media asset management across the content supply chain.


Cloud-based production management software to automate & centralize end-to-end production process.

Busby by Squared Paper

Light-weight, broadcast-specific implementation of an Enterprise Service Bus.


KYBIO Media is a multi-vendor, end-to-end, unified Monitoring & Control (M&C) platform .

Paragon for Archiving

Hierarchical Storage Management providing a fully-managed digital content library for archives.

OOONA Integrated

OOONA Integrated is a cloud-based system for management of localization workflows

QC Box

Automated Quality Control for Easy Control Checks


MediaPulse provides solutions in order, resource & asset management delivering end-to-end automation

PULSAR – file-based Automated QC system

PulsarTM is the fastest, most comprehensive and versatile file-based Automated QC system.

Touchstream VirtualNOC

VirtualNOC collects data from all endpoints of the video delivery chain and monitors it 24/7.

Interra Baton & Orion, Root6, Vecima

Baton Automated Content QC Orion & Orion OTT Monitoring & Service QC Root 6 Video Workflow