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End-to-end supply chain solutions


MediaPulse is the only end-to-end software solution for the complete content lifecycle. MediaPulse provides scheduling, automation, asset management, billing and cost recovery for broadcasters, media services companies and transmission facilities in a scalable platform-independent solution.


The robust and flexible architecture manages not only today’s requirements but is designed for your future needs.  Specifically created to provide operational mastery and financial control to our clients’ facilities, MediaPulse provides a transparent and evolutionary solution for all resource, media based and transmission workflow requirements.


The driving force behind MediaPulse is a commitment to deliver custom configured software with the economies of a commercially available software package.


Here is a list of features in MediaPulse:


MediaPulse Sky is a complete user experience reimagined for the web and mobile devices. The interface is completely configurable through our Layout Editor. Each screen and every user can have separate Client, Web and Mobile layouts. This tool allows the layout of every screen to be fully customized to individual user needs by a system administrator.


The Job Management module incorporates the fundamental tools needed to manage jobs and projects, such as service codes, rate cards, job costing and invoice production.


A wide range of standard reports are included with the MediaPulse system, and all can be tailored to fit specific needs and automatically run on a defined schedule. The Report Designer, a built-in feature allows the creation of completely custom reports fitting your unique business requirements.


MediaPulse offers a flexible architecture with unique tools and security infrastructure. Designed using the latest methodology to take full advantage of the technology benefits of the .NET framework and open standards, MediaPulse is primed for the future.


MediaPulse can be internationalized to run in any language. The language used for all field prompts, menus, tab headings and other text used in the software may be changed based on the individual user’s log-in identity.

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