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Touchstream VirtualNOC

Content data analysis

VirtualNOC – a holistic approach to your live video infrastructure

Our end-to-end monitoring solution VirtualNOC collects data from all endpoints of the video delivery chain and monitors it 24/7. This allows operators to visualize issues clearly and take action before they affect viewers.

Stop finger-pointing, start fixing immediately:

Our real time, direct data sharing with CDNs removes arguments with your technology providers. Keep everyone focused on where the problem lies and solving it as quickly as possible.

Always stay in control, no matter where you are:

With a connection to the internet, operate from anywhere with cloud based VirtualNOC. Give your operations team the visibility tool they need for their complex workflows no matter where they are.

Replay and increase video ops efficiency:


Virtual NOC’s Incident Playback System (IPS) enables comprehensive root cause analysis. Replay errors from the past to pinpoint root causes and prevent future issues to improve long term QoS.


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