Test and measurement equipment and software

Test and measurement equipment and software

Live ABR Monitor

Live ABR Monitor is a Telestream Cloud service that enables robust OTT Stream monitoring.

PRISM SDI/I|P \waveform Monitor

The only waveform monitor solution you need, for SDI ior IP, remote and local operation.

Inspect 2110

IP video monitoring for your ST 2110 production networks.


Unmatched IP / SDI monitoring up to 25G across both operations and engineering workflows.


Intelligent Network Analytics


QoS and QoE Monitoring for Serial Data Stream, Transmitter/Exciter and Modulated RF


Advanced audio and video identing

MatchBox Glass

A sophisticated app that is essentially a highly portable version of MatchBox Generator.


A modular 1RU frame

MatchBox Generator

A fully-fledged test pattern generation with advanced audio and video identing.

Actus Technical Monitoring – Alert Center and TS analysis

Real time alerts on audio and video issues: no audio, no video, frozen image, loss of CC, etc

QC Box

Automated Quality Control for Easy Control Checks