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Test and measurement equipment and software

Test and measurement equipment and software

Live ABR Monitor

Live ABR Monitor is a Telestream Cloud service that enables robust OTT Stream monitoring.

R&S®ETL TV analyzer

The universal reference receiver for broadcast signal analysis

Matrox VERO

ST 2110 Signal Generator And Diagnostic Appliance

PRISM SDI/I|P \waveform Monitor

The only waveform monitor solution you need, for SDI ior IP, remote and local operation.

Inspect 2110

IP video monitoring for your ST 2110 production networks.


Unmatched IP / SDI monitoring up to 25G across both operations and engineering workflows.


Intelligent Network Analytics

M3 platform

Full Control on Testing for STBs, Web and Mobile applications


QoS and QoE Monitoring for Serial Data Stream, Transmitter/Exciter and Modulated RF


StreamEye is a poverful tool for in-depth video analysis.

StreamEye Studio

Elecard StreamEye Studio is a set of powerful software tools for video quality analysis.

Stream Analyser

Elecard Stream Analyzer is a professional tool for syntax analysis of encoded media streams.