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Test and measurement equipment and software

Test and measurement equipment and software


Unmatched IP / SDI monitoring up to 25G across both operations and engineering workflows.

R&S®ETL TV analyzer

The universal reference receiver for broadcast signal analysis


QoS and QoE Monitoring for Serial Data Stream, Transmitter/Exciter and Modulated RF


Intelligent Network Analytics


StreamEye is a poverful tool for in-depth video analysis.

Stream Analyser

Elecard Stream Analyzer is a professional tool for syntax analysis of encoded media streams.

Calnex Paragon-ONE Broadcast

High precision SMPTE ST-2059-2 (PTP) test solution. Emulate, impair and measure IP sync up to 10GbE.

Video Quality Estimator

Video Quality measurement tool designed to compare quality of encoded streams.

BCi Digital Systems Integration

We are specialist System Integrators but we are agnostic to hardware, software and vendor solutions.

Calnex SNE Broadcast

Multi-port, multi-user, Network Emulator. SMPTE 2110-21 & SMPTE 2022-7 testing up to 25GbE.

StreamEye Studio

Elecard StreamEye Studio is a set of powerful software tools for video quality analysis.

Large Format LED Lens Test Projector TP7

Projector with glass & filter inserts, 60 mm LED image circle, and Multiport for lens data & control