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Test and measurement equipment and software

Maxiva™ StreamAssure provides broadcasters and network operators with a centralized platform for monitoring transport streams, transmitter parameters and modulated RF, to ensure full compliance with standards and customer Quality of Experience. This cloud-based system allows on-premises and off-site, managed service-based monitoring of physical, transport and audio/video streams from a single dashboard. This simplifies the traditional component-based architecture that traditionally employs disparate monitoring systems to understand network-wide performance.

Rapid isolation of performance issues across signal transport and RF infrastructure is another key value proposition for broadcasters. The ability to separately analyze multiple IP, ASI and other streams ahead of the transmitter versus the RF and decoded audio/video streams coming out allows users to quickly identify and address the source of the problem

The StreamAssure system is fully scalable from a single transmitter deployment to a large-scale network, comprising a vast number of sites deployed over a wide geography.

Options are available from an simple and economic monitoring solution to a comprehensive end-to-end system, including compliance recording and streaming.

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