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Atlantic Microwave Test Loop Translators

Test and measurement equipment and software

Atlantic Microwave’s range of Test Loop Translators (TLTs) are an ideal solution in evaluating the performance of satellite earth systems, making testing simple, quick, and cost-effective. They are designed to test the entire operation of a ground station, as opposed to just one section, by simulating a satellite link. This ensures that a ground station is operating as it should be, thus reducing the risk of error or downtime. For broadcasters, this means they can be sure of a seamless experience for viewers.

The TLTs are designed to replace the satellite link for test and alignment of satellite dishes operating in S, C, Ku, DBS, Q and Ka frequency bands. With the ability to offer dual, tri and quad band indoor and outdoor packages. They make it possible to quickly and cost-effectively ensure that a satellite ground station is operating as required. TLTs connect via a coaxial cable to measure the power produced in the uplink with a high level of accuracy.

Atlantic Microwave’s TLTs feature Synthesised Variable Frequency Local Oscillators (LOs) to provide the user with the most versatile and comprehensive operating configurations for translation of uplink (Tx) frequencies to either downlink (Rx) frequencies or to L-Band, and for L- Band to downlink (Rx).

They can be controlled both manually and via ethernet. The product line includes:

Tri and Quad-band indoor and outdoor packages.

·      Dual channel TLTs meaning you can simultaneously test two different frequency bands using the same piece of kit.

·      Battery-operated portable designs, making it possible to quickly and effectively test in the field.

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