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Join us to explore the power of Digital Nirvana’s AI-empowered MonitorIQ. 7.0

Our new MonitorIQ 7.0 design includes an updated and intuitive web interface, core feature improvements, and industry-first integration with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services. We now give broadcasters all the key features of Volicon’s beloved ‘Observer’ product, improving upon each one to provide unparalleled broadcast monitoring and compliance capabilities.

Digital Nirvana will demonstrate the next generation of MonitorIQ 7.0, compliance and broadcast monitoring system.

Monitor IQ 7.0 will feature:

One-touch access to content and associated metadata for fast content review, analysis, troubleshooting, and proof of performance.  The advanced analysis includes a comparison of SCTE messages and deep-dive analysis of SCTE messages.

Content sharing and collaboration are maximized with new Clip and Share tools. Media and business analytics are immediately available for functions such as network uptimes, and automatic ad identification in competitor feeds.


The solution also boasts seamless integration with Digital Nirvana’s Media Service IQ, with the added benefit of AI-based cloud microservices that include transcript generation for ads and content, caption quality assessment, caption realignment, and video intelligence for objects, ads, logos, and facial recognition.