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Test and measurement equipment and software

Features and performance

  • High-performance monitoring complying with TR101 290 standards

  • PID / service rate monitoring (maximum / minimum rate) correspondence

  • TOT / TDT time monitoring

  • Up to 8 TS can be monitored by 1 U server

  • TS monitoring supported by RF input

  • Monitor log management per TS

  • Simple synchronous recording for a certain period of time

  • External failure notification function by XML format

  • Time calibration by NTP


  • Multi-channel multi-TS monitoring at low cost

  • Built-in monitoring function in the digital broadcasting system

  • Inexpensive TS logging / TS monitoring for independent broadcasting

  • Since it is fully developed in-house, it can be customized development

Monitoring Specifications

  • Monitoring Standard: TR101 290(P1、P2、P3)Rate

  • PCR: PID rate monitoring

  • TOT,TDT : TOT, TDT time monitoring function

  • DATA Broadcasting: DSM-CC, DDB, DIII, DL compatible

Example of system achievement

  • Multi-channel TS monitoring system

  • Multi-channel TS registration system

  • Adopted as oversea TS monitoring


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