Flexviewer - IABM Single BaM Product

Flexviewer - IABM Single BaM Product




Features and performance

  • Display of various signal inputs such as ASI, IP, SD / HD / 3G-SDI on one screen

  • Supports HLS, RF (DVB, ISDBT, QAM) input with additional options

  • Convert different input resolution and frame rate, display in a unified output format

  • Maximum 45 CH input support for 1 enclosure

  • By using multiple chassis, more than 45 CH / 1 screen display is possible

  • Input signal loss, black screen, etc detected as an error, notification to the screen

  • By voice signal bar, voice input of each input CH can be confirmed

  • The size of each signal screen can be freely changed by setting

Application areas

  • Monitoring multiple TS, SDI, OTT signals at low-cost monitor monitoring

  • Construction of mobile multiviewer using notebook PC

Advanced options

  • 4K resolution output

  • Cascade processing, input signals of 45 channels or more, 1 screen output supported

  • Video output to multiple screens

  • Output video signal to other multi viewers TS TS streaming delivery

  • Penalty box

  • Error notification by SNMP output

  • Multilingual voice input support

  • Dolby voice codec input support

  • Supports HEVC (H.265) input

  • 4: 2: 2 Video input support

  • Dynamic layout change by the user interface

  • Input bit rate display function

Additional information

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