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Audio measurement and loudness control

iAM-AUDIO is designed to be easy to operate, yet powerful enough to provide high quality, intuitive monitoring of multiple signal types within a compact form factor.  Signal options include the latest IP formats: SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022, RavennaTM/AES67 and DanteTM.

High-quality touch screen panels allow for elegant and intuitive control, with simple to navigate menus.  Physical front panel controls provide access to main and auxiliary volume controls to supplement touch controls, balance control and a front mounting USB port for software updates. iAM-AUDIO can be software upgraded to support new and emerging technologies and is the perfect solution for any application that requires a compact unit for monitoring an evolving range of professional signals

All iAM Series monitors are built with an onboard web server. Multiple units on the same network can be updated, monitored and controlled via a browser-based user interface that supports fast configuration with role-based authentication that protects critical configurations from unauthorized alteration.

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