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Atom System

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The Atom System is a compact and powerful wireless system offering HD video
transmission with zero delay along with a host of features to suit any broadcast and Video Assist requirements at ranges exceeding 600m+. Weighing in at just 253g and measuring 111 x 71 x 25mm, the transmitter provides an HD-SDI Loop along with HDMI inputs and can broadcast to an unlimited number of Atom and Atom Lite receivers.

The Atom is designed to operates out of the box with minimal configuration and with real-time channel selection over the 5GHz licence exempt spectrum.

The Atom has a sleek design and supports Timecode and Record Trigger. As well as being the smallest, lightest, and most affordable system by Boxx to date, the real
strength of the Atom is that it has has been able to introduced new features whilst maintaining backward compatibility with existing transmitters and receivers so that all components in the entire Atom product line are interoperable and nothing is obsolete.

As with all Boxx products, the Atom and Atom Lite systems were designed and engineered by hands-on experienced industry experts.

Included with the system are on Atom Transmitter, one Atom Receiver and accessories. The Atom Receiver is available with either V-lok or Anton Bauer battery plates.