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Wireless camera systems

Together with users, the MagNum wireless FIZ Lens Control System (LCS) was ergonomically and functionally optimized. It is availabe in three versions: the basic model with one motor channel (MN-101), a two-motor channel version with a Zoom Rocker (MN-ZR) upgrade option for the hand unit (MN-150), and a fully equipped 2-motor channel version (MN-200). Extension modules expand MN-150 or MN-200 receiver with a maximum of two other motor channels, and enhanced broadcast capabilities.

The LCS consists of two parts:

Ergonomical designed hand unit

The hand units MN-150T and MN-200T each offer a handwheel with two variable mechanical stops (VariLock II), infinitely adjustable fluid damping (VariFluid), mechanical locking device and the optional inclusion of scale discs or rings. The standard delivery scope contains a large scale ring. The MN-200T hand unit additionally offers a contact-less, dust-proof slider bar with variable mechanical stops.

The optional belt Holster (MN-HOL) attaches the Hand unit securely to you belt. This means the Focus assistant can safely perform without getting stuck or swinging off of the hand unit and the hand unit itself is close at hand.

Upgradable receiver

The MagNum Extension Module Motor and Lens Port (MN-EXT-MOT-LP) offers up to 3-motor channels and a camera lens port interface for universal use in Cine and Broadcast applications. The Extension Module Motor (AL2-EXT-MOT) upgrades the MN-200R on up to 4 motor channels, for 3D or special application users.

  • Mounting of the extension module onto the extension Interface of the MN-200R

  • Extension module MN-EXT-MOT-LP with 1x motor channel and 1x camera 12-pin Hirose interface for full broadcast capabilities (video return and talkback switching, Iris RCP control, focus, iris and zoom follow voltage)

  • Extension module AL2-EXT-MOT with two additional sockets for digital encoder motors (2x 7-pin Lemo)

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