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Hollyland Mars 300 PRO HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver Set

Wireless camera systems

Hollyland Technology has been very active in the filmmaking industry in recent years, especially with their introduction of entry-level wireless transmitters and wireless intercom systems to the industry. After MARS 300, which appeared to be the first prosumer wireless transmitter in the market, they continued with product launches of the MARS 400S series and MARS X prosumer wireless transmitters, MARS T1000 prosumer wireless intercom system, and along with their professional gear release of COSMO M7 and SYSCOM 421. And now, the MARS 300 PRO is here!  From the name MARS 300 PRO, it is pronounced that this is an updated product of the once-popular product MARS 300. Buy Hollyland Mars 300 Standard version from UBMS Dubai . We can provide best price and fast delivery for all Hollyland products

Mars 300 PRO is using the latest coding, decoding technology, and 5G wireless transmission technology. It can achieve ultra-low latency wireless video transmission. It has a transmission range over 328ft with a clean line of sight (LOS) when the transmitter is connected to 1 receiver. The transmitter can connect with 1 receiver and 2 APPs Monitoring (Or 1 Transmitter connects to 3 APPs Monitoring Without RX). And Both transmitter and receiver equipped with L-series battery plate and also can powered by USB type C port.

Using the Hollyview app for iOS or Android, you can monitor your video transmission in real time via a Wi-Fi connection. The transmitter can transmit to up to one receiver and two apps, or to a total of three apps, simultaneously. The transmitter and receiver are compact in size, feature a bright OLED display for configuration, and they each feature a 1/4″-20 mounting thread. Each can be powered using a USB Type-C source, or they can be powered using a separately available L-series type battery using their battery plates. The Mars 300 set also includes an accessory expansion plate, a shoe mount, and a USB Type-C cable.

Key Features

  • Wheel Button on the Side, One-button Rolling Adjustment

  • OLED Screen Display on the Side

  • 328ft Transmission Range (LOS)

  • The Lowest Latency is 0.08s

  • HDMI Input & HDMI Loop Out at TX, Dual HDMI Output at RX

  • Supports USB Type-C Power Supply

  • 1 Transmitter Supports up to 1 Receiver and 2 APPs Monitoring (Or 1 Transmitter Supports up to 3 APPs Monitoring Without RX)

  • Supports Smart Channel Selection

  • Supports APP Firmware Upgrade.                                                                          Buy Hollyland Mars 300 PRO HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver Set From UBMS Dubai.

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