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broadcast intercom system

Audio mixers and consoles – television production

Each TF-2400 can carry four BK-1200 wireless belt packs.

Max 4 sets of TF-2400 (16pcs BK-1200) can work together.

Or max 5 pieces BK-1200 can make a small wireless group as well.

The wireless cover range is 200m. (from the wireless belt pack BK-1200 to wireless interface TF-2400 distance )

From the master station to wireless interface distance connected by a cable , can through the wall , can be 500 meters long , flexible .

4-wire and 2-wire connector to communicate with other system.

We recommend FM-804/FT-800  as master control. The cable connection between FM-804 and TF-2400 can be up to 500m.

You can easily through the wall.




Operating Frequency:

2.4GHz (433M is optional)

Maximum Transmit Power:


Beltpack Battery:

3 x AA size battery

Beltpack Current:

TX: max 130mA RX: max 50mA


111mm x 46mm x 126mm(W x H x D) 


TF-2400: 1.2KG  BK-1200 Belt Pack 0.22kg

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