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Audio mixers and consoles – television production


The Calrec Artemis provides redundant hardware for ALL critical systems, and takeover is automatic and seamless. Hot spares mirror primary hardware and in the rare event of failure automatically take over with no disruption to the audio. This intelligent system covers DSP modules, control processor modules, router modules and all PSUs. With Calrec, you can be confident that you are always in control.

Intuitive and Ergonomic

Artemis has a flexible and intuitive control surface, incorporating colour, touch and tactile controls. The surface incorporates over 25 years of refinement of Calrec’s assignable console designs while the soft nature of the panels allows the operator to reconfigure them to reflect a variety of operating setups. We’ve worked hard to enhance the Artemis control surface to incorporate operator feedback.

The result is practical and elegant, offering the same sense of assurance associated with one-knob per function control. Form and function, seamlessly matched.

Powerful Processing

Bluefin2 gives the Artemis up to 680 input channel processing paths on a single DSP card, with a secondary card providing full and automatic redundancy. As you would expect from Calrec, all these are fully featured all of the time and are available irrespective of the processing load on other channels. In other words, channel resources are not shared across the console as a whole – they are dedicated resources and available at all times on every single channel.

Powerful Networking

Hydra2 is the Artemis’s backbone, linking the control surface to an 8192² router (4096² on the Artemis Light) and on to more complex networks when required. Hydra2 is adaptive and intelligent, automatically recognising changes to the network and updating all its clients. Hydra2’s plug and play nature allows networks to be designed to meet the specific requirements of the broadcast facility and ensures future flexibility.


Hydra2 is more than just a signal transport system; it is a powerful management tool that provides increased network-wide control of many parameters. Virtual interfaces like H2O and Hydra Patchbays provide additional tools for control room and studio resource management, allowing remote network administrators to put control rooms “on-air” and to manage the sources available to them. Calrec is committed to an agnostic future. AoIP interconnections provide more flexible and elegant replacements than traditional transports. AoIP will save money, increase efficiency, provide additional security and redundancy, and encourage remote working. Most of all it promotes freedom of choice. But while non-proprietary AoIP solutions are commonly not able to offer the low latency, determinism, capacity, and broadcast feature-rich audio networking of Hydra2, they are a perfect companion technology to Hydra2

for wider connectivity to third-party equipment in a broadcast facility.

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