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Edit Bridge

Collaboration, review and approval

Edit Bridge is successfully used worldwide in production companies, broadcasters and post houses to integrate non Avid editors and artists with an Avid Interplay environment.

The next generation of edit bridge brings all the power and capability of the existing product in a ‘scale-out’ version, enabling the attachment of many more non Avid concurrent and non-concurrent editors.

Marquis EDIT BRIDGE enables the seamless integration of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CC in an Avid Interplay environment. It includes two Custom Panels for Premiere Pro which allow you to control the workflow directly from the Premiere Pro user interface.


The import panel allows Premiere Pro users to browse the contents of Avid Interplay and select items for use in Premiere Pro. Having selected the media, Edit Bridge will then deliver it to Premiere Pro in one of two ways depending upon the codec. Depending upon the codec and settings Edit Bridge will either deliver the media by reference so that it can be instantly ‘edited in place’ in Premiere Pro, or it will be transferred to a network location and re-wrapped on the fly to a wrapper appropriate for Premiere Pro.


The Marquis Interplay Browse and Ingest panel for Premiere Pro and After Effects allows Adobe users to browse the content of an Avid Interplay system and select content that they want to use in Premiere Pro.

The Marquis panel then allows the user to either:

EDIT IN PLACE: Import the content within Premiere Pro without transferring any content. The imported content is purely a reference to the original Avid content on the ISIS storage.

TRANSFER AND RE-WRAP: Transfer the content from the Avid ISIS and convert the content to MXF Op1a for use in Premiere Pro.


Marquis have built on its many years of experience in edit system integration solutions to develop a custom panel for Premiere Pro CC that will allow users to export content and metadata from Premiere Pro and into Avid Interplay PAM.

This panel will allow the Premiere Pro CC user to:

• Export content from Premiere from the panel and monitor progress

• Create Content in Interplay

• Create MXF OpAtoms on ISIS

• “Check-In” Clip metadata to Interplay PAM

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