Bluefish444 Epoch | 4K Neutron

Bluefish444 Epoch | 4K Neutron

Bluefish444 Epoch | 4K Neutron

Bluefish444 Epoch | 4K Neutron


Epoch | 4K Neutron is Bluefish444’s fully-featured 4K/UHD, 2K/HD & SD video and audio I/O card for professional video workflows on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

Capable of up to 3 independent and simultaneous channels of 3G/HD/SD-SDI input or output, 4K Neutron also features 4K/UHD HDMI monitoring, AES Digital Audio IO, Analogue Audio Output, RS-422 Control, and auxiliary Reference Input. 4K Neutron is also available as a low-profile configuration compatible with compact installations or devices.

Cross-platform support with industry-leading 3rd-party software

Adobe Creative Cloud | Assimilate SCRATCH | Avid  | Avmeda  | Brainstorm  | BTi | CasparCG | ChryonHego | ClassX | Dataton | Drastic Technologies 4KScope & VideoQC | DVBControl | Etere | Foundry Nuke | Libero SystemsMarquise Technologies MIST & ICE | Masterplay | Media 5 | Media-Alliance | Medialooks | Metus | MOG | NewTek | Nverzion  | Resolume | Ross Video | Streamstar | Telestream Wirecast | Touchdesigner | Unity | Unreal Engine | Unreal Streaming Technologies | Vizrt Viz Engine & Viz Arena | vMix | VRi | Xdream Media | Zinemath zLense

All Bluefish video cards are Thunderbolt compatible, work with the free Bluefish acquisition application IngeSTore, the Bluefish cross-platform SDK, and leading 3rd party content creation tools.

Bluefish products are deployed globally throughout the broadcast graphics, post-production, live event and entertainment, immersive graphics, proAV, corporate, military, government, medical and education markets, including integration into digital intermediate, mobile production, QC and compliance, Video Over IP and video streaming workflows.

FREE multi-channel capture tool, IngeSTore


Bi-directional I/O’s provide unrivalled flexibility

  • 3 bi-directional BNC video connectors supporting 3G/1.5G SDI I/O

  • Up to 4K UHD 30p playout or capture via Dual Link 3G-SDI

  • Each BNC is completely independent

  • Third BNC can be set to Reference input instead of standard video signal

Maximum connectivity

Included breakout cable provides:

  • RS-422 machine control for control of VTRs and other serial-controlled devices

  • 8 channels of AES EBU audio input and output for 7.1 surround sound monitoring. Capture and playout digital audio signals in crystal-clear quality

  • 2 channels of Analogue Audio for quick and simple high quality audio monitoring

  • Auxiliary Reference (Input) connector frees the 3rd BNC for 3G/HD/SD video I/O

The industry’s lowest latency I/O, by design

4K Neutron has, by design, the world’s lowest-latency providing access to captured fields or frames to on-board card memory event before the whole field or frame is complete, thereby reducing the latency to sub on field or frame. During a capture or playout, each process can occur at less than or equal to 1 field for interlaced modes, and less than 1 frame for progressive modes.

4K/UHD HDMI monitoring

  • Cost-effective 4K/UHD monitoring via HDMI 1.4

  • Simultaneous SDI and HDMI playout

Maintaining a 12-bit processing pipeline

  • 12-bit image processing is standard on all Bluefish video cards

  • Allows 8, 10 & 12-bit SDI video signals to be produced from 8, 10, 12 & 16-bit pixel formats providing the highest image quality available from your source material

  • 4096 discrete values of red, green & blue are maintained per pixel

  • 4 times the colour precision of a traditional 10-bit processing pipeline!

Maintaining the highest quality RGB <=> YUV

  • Fully programmable 4 x 4 x 33-bit colour matrix providing the highest quality colour space conversions

  • Reduces colour space conversion errors and ensures the highest quality colour accuracy during capture, monitoring and mastering

Thunderbolt expansion chassis compatibility

Low-latency video keyer

  • Low latency hardware video keyer

  • Allows video layers to be combined in hardware with microseconds of delay

  • Enables animated logos, captions, tickers, and more to be keyed over live video feeds at full 12-bit precision, and with minimum input to output delay

  • Can also function as an image pre-multiplier to assist in previewing images with alpha data

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