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iChannel 2

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iChannel2 is a highly integrated, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate automation system for small and mid-size broadcasters. It supports up to 3 HD/SD playout channels in one compact chassis. The system is based on powerful video server platform, with rich features including ingest, playlist editing, multi-channel playout, CG, live signal pass-through, quality control, loudness control, etc.

Unlike other offerings, iChannel2 is not limited to a standalone playout box, it also can be used in a distributed multi-channel playout network, ensures excellent system scalability. By connecting multiple iChannel2 servers together, the system can support large number of playout channels, and there is a centrally located software module to handle automatic clip and playlist transfer. Separate workstations can be deployed for preparing playout schedules for multiple channels. Furthermore, various backup schemes can be configured to guarantee playout security.