Autoplay - IABM Single BaM Product

Autoplay - IABM Single BaM Product

AutoPlay 7.10

AutoPlay 7.10


AutoPlay is a Media Workflow Platform, an integrated playout solution, which enable you to automate the workflow environment, maximize the value of media assets efficiently and leverage technology in line with your business plans. Ingest, quality control, editing, broadcast, graphics insert, subtitles, archive – all within a single workflow.


  • Playout Automation

  • Workflow Process Orchestration for media content movement to video servers and other file storages

  • Rundown Management

  • Immediate Content Access whatever it is stored

  • Automatic Files Transfers to meet Users requests and Channel Schedules

  • Sophisticated Quick Search

  • Manual & Automatic Media Content Archiving & Extraction

  • Different Access Rights for Multiuser workflow

  • Proxy Files Generation

  • File Transfer Bandwidth Control

  • Distributed Media Storage with quick Content Search and Access

  • Advanced Embeded Cut Editor for Multiuser Network Environment

  • Export XML editing projects to third party NLE systems

  • Production Storage Filename Translation for NLEs

  • As-Run & User activity Logs for TV Traffic management system integration

  • Report Export

  • Facility Monitoring and Control from any workstation on the network

  • Multichannel Playout configuration with full redundancy capabilities

  • Media Editing and Playout while Ingest

  • Clip Quick-Cut in On-Air Rundown

  • “Time-Delay” Recording, Editing&Playout

  • TimeDelay Server Redundancy

  • DTMF/Х31/SCTE/GPI Signal Detection&Insertion

  • SCTE-104 Playout Support

  • VBI in TimeDelay and Pass-Through

  • Advanced Subtitling/Teletext Processing with proprietary or third party devices

  • A completely New Subtitle Engine

  • Proprietary .asb subtitle file format with full text formatting

  • Multilingual Subtitle Support in AutoPlay Playout

  • Automatic Subtitle Import and Full Logging of Subtitle Operations

  • Multifeed Ingest capabilities

  • Media Quality Control Option

  • Broadcast Graphics Creation with Azimuth Servers or External Systems

  • Integration with Carrot Broadcast CG Solutions

  • Customizable Graphics Layouts

  • Dynamic data manipulation (temperature sensor option, images, time/date, videos, text data)

  • Digital/analog Clock Insertion

  • Fill+Key Out or internal graphics DSK overlay support with Azimuth servers

  • Proxy Files Preview with graphics and subtitles

  • Video Processing: codecs, formats, aspect ratio conversion

  • Audio Processing: normalizer (LUFS), track mapping, noise reducer, compressor/limiter

  • Parallel Video and Sound Processing when Importing Media Files

  • Various Studio Equipment control, inc. VTR

  • Modern 64 Bit Software Architecture

  • User-Friendly Intuitive Interface

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