Etere Master Control - IABM Single BaM Product

Etere Master Control - IABM Single BaM Product

Etere Master Control

Etere Master Control


Etere Master Control enhances Etere ETX video and graphics features to achieve new capabilities of a full IT-based playout.

Etere, the pioneer of IT-based playout, is a worldwide provider of comprehensive and integrative software solutions for an easy management of all the functions within a Media company. Etere solutions are designed with more efficient workflows that are also fully scalable to your organisation’s needs. Etere has always been an innovator in broadcast and integrating the traditional Master Control functions into Etere ETX ensures that you get the best returns on your investments. Etere system turns a simple computer into a multi-functioning integrated solution. With ETX, you will need only one server to playout, switch, fade dissolve, insert logo and do all the CG functions.

For customers who already use ETX, implementing an IT-based playout enhanced with master control functionalities will consist in a simple software upgrade based on an add-on license, no extra hardware is needed.

Etere Master Control provides all features required from a master control including:

■ Supports touch-screen display for a fully interactive experience

■ Customised transition effects settings

■ Preset and preview bars for fast switching

■ Default configuration (A/B) needs a SD/HD 2IN-2OUT card

■ Up to 8 logo layers with multiple sizes per decoder

■ Unlimited number of input channels plus one Crawl/CG

■ Audio shuffling and control as well as dolby-e pass-through

■ Video switching including transitions effects

■ Multiple PC’s installations (e.g. for a 2nd EE monitor)

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