Mo Sys L40 - IABM Single BaM Product

Mo Sys L40 - IABM Single BaM Product

Mo-Sys L40

Mo-Sys L40


Our precise, robust and lightweight 2-axis head for high-end digital cinematography is ideal for medium-sized camera packages, for example, ARRI Alexa with a large zoom lens. At the core of the L40 is our highly robust and precise motor drive with zero backlash, providing lag-free operation.

Extremely strong drive unit

Extremely strong and backlash-free drive units gives the operator instant and delay-free control. The precise gear drive enables flawless operation even with the biggest zoom lenses, unlike worm gear drives which can cause judder. The hole through the center of the gear boxes for cable pass-through removes the need for slip-rings and makes it future proof for high bandwidth digital video. This also allows for tangle free direct cabling.

Back-pan option

The L40 sets a new standard with the digital back-pan gyro option, making it a preferred choice for telescopic and standard crane work. It allows the operator to concentrate on the framing while the head takes care of the compensation of the crane movement.

Incredible payload

The L40 boasts a payload of incredible 40kg while only weighing 18kg. It is one of the lightest heads on the market with that strength.

Fast set-up

The L40, like all Mo-Sys heads, is lightning quick to set up utilising a daisy-chain system of identical “Mo-Sys bus” cables, providing simplicity and redundancy of spares. The head features a quick release camera plate to enable fast camera installation. All head frame size adjustments are by quick release levers for quickness and ease of balancing and nodal point positioning.

Intuitive control

The L40 can be operated with a variety of input devices such as hand-wheels, pan-bar or joystick. The Button-Console interface provides controls for pan/tilt velocity adjustment, input smoothing and direction, user defined position limits with feathering and axes zeroing. It simplifies the operation of the head in remote-mode making it ideal for tech-less operation. Our intuitive touch screen console gives access to the extended extra features like back-pan.

Data for post production

With built in high-resolution encoders the L40 is ready for a full VFX workflow, outputting accurate pan and tilt data and also connects to Mo-Sys VR modules to track cranes, dollies and cameras. The data can be recorded for post-production with the Mo-Sys MotionLogger or in Unreal using our Tracking Plugin. The L40 also interfaces to most virtual set softwares using our own protocol.


A two-axis head can be effortlessly upgraded to a three-axis model with a 360˚ roll axis.


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