Tico Raw - IABM Single BaM Product

Tico Raw - IABM Single BaM Product




TICO-RAW is the new RAW

​TICO-RAW delivers the most beautiful pixels and most perfect colors, with the most brillant brights and the deepest darks …with the world\’s best efficiency. Designed by intoPIX, it unleashes image sensor and traditional RAW data-flows thanks to an innovative processing and coding. The full power of the image sensor is preserved while reducing the bandwidth and storage needs. It offers high image quality and the capability to manage high resolution, high frame rate and high dynamic range workflows. TICO-RAW is the world’s first RAW codec that can offer compression efficiency with such low complexity on Bayer or Bayer-like Color Filter Arrays (CFA) patterns.


Gain in Efficiency, improve your imaging workflows

  • Reduce bandwidth and power consumption to process more pixels from the sensor.

  • Handle higher resolution, high frame rate and high dynamic range easily : to capture  to record, to transmit, to edit, to analyze.

  • Reduce the bandwidth of memory during the ISP process and RAW data analysis.

  • Get the lowest latency (\”pixel-line\”)  to transmit RAW data over your network, infrastructures, interfaces.

  • Efficiently decrease the stored RAW image data on the storage media (TICO-RAW is the new RAW at the size of a regular JPEG file).

  • Increase the editing, rendering, analytics speed and while retaining the sensor data needed for a complete control of the RAW processing pipeline.

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