Content Chain Trends: Content Distribution & Monetization

Content Chain Trends: Content Distribution & Monetization

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Content Chain Trends: Content Distribution & Monetization

Wed 09, 02 2022

Report highlights:

• Investment in Publish and Monetize recovered in 2022 after the decline in 2021, making Monetize and Consume the top investment areas in the BaM Content Chain.
• Changing viewing habits are forcing traditional media businesses to enter the OTT space, increasing its fragmentation and competitiveness.
• The generational shift in media consumption puts gaming and consumer interactivity at the center of the media ecosystem, improving user engagement and generating new revenue streams.
• The convergence of different sectors of the M&E industry, such as gaming, betting, social media, etc., is driving investment in technologies that are not media-specific – either by acquiring complementary tech businesses or by developing technology internally.

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