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Content Chain Trends: Content Distribution & Monetization

Tue 18, 01 2022


  • The significant growth of streaming platforms has accelerated the adoption of different technology business models in distribution while hitting legacy revenues.
  • Media companies share a common view on a hybrid future of their businesses, bridging linear and digital. This translates into the increasing importance of, and investment in, cloud computing, enabling SaaS-based business models and the use of cross-platform audience measurement systems – the key in integrating linear advertising management into VOD and OTT. Our recent data confirms this – Cloud computing, Software (Subscriptions) and Software (On-Demand) remain as the top tech investment categories.
  • When it comes to the specific trends triggered by the pandemic, the increasing demand for interactive experiences is arguably the most important and is causing a convergence between sectors that were more clearly separated pre-pandemic.
  • In advertising, media businesses are working on hybrid offerings to differentiate themselves from the digital giants. In digital, programmatic advertising already accounts for the large majority of ad buying.

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