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Augmented Reality/Virtual Sets

NEP provides turn-key packages for Augmented Reality and Virtual Sets

BaishanCloud Cloud Delivery

BaishanCloud’s globally distributed edge servers deliver your assets in a fast and reliable manner.

BaishanCloud Cloud Shield

Comprehensive protection against cyber attacks, featuring Anti-DDoS, WAF, Bot Management and more.

Centralized Production

We offer centralized multi-camera production solutions around the globe.

CLEAR Vision Cloud AI Platform

Combining AI technology & consulting to help solve business problems of TV Networks, Studios & OTT

Digital Packaging and Delivery

End-to-end workflow orchestration for digital packaging and delivery


NEP offers more than 34 flypack systems around the world.


Cinema Line full-frame camera


FX9 is a full-frame 6K sensor camera

Gemini 2×1 Soft Panel

Accurate, agile & easy to use. Gemini is the industry’s most versatile 2×1 soft panel.

HDC Studio Cameras Family

Our multi-format HD and SD system camera ranges cover almost every creative application.

Interoperable Master Format (IMF)

IMF support within CLEAR includes the ability to create deliverables for different platforms.