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XRE Transcoder 9

Non-linear editing

The XRE Transcoder 9 from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is a standalone conversion solution that enables broadcasters and media companies to automate the transcoding of media files, using watch folders that can be placed anywhere on a network. Transcoding is fully optimized to the host machine’s specifications and is faster than real-time in many cases. Supplied as software or a full turnkey system and connected via Ethernet, XRE Transcoder 9 gives editors in a workgroup the freedom to spend their time editing, not transcoding, and supports the extensive list of formats and codecs that has made EDIUS such a force in broadcast news production.

New in version 9 of the XRE Transcoder is an “Effect Template” feature that allows customized effects such as layered graphics, image side bar blur, speed change, HDR metadata inclusion and more, to the clip as it is being transcoded. XRE Transcoder 9 can be used with any third-party professional NLE system. A simple interface allows off-loading of transcoding jobs from the NLE system to the XRE Transcoder, and an SDK is available to facilitate integration into third-party systems and workflows. Transcoding job status can be monitored from any machine on the network. Multiple servers can be configured as nodes to share jobs.

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