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Augment your Storage Infrastructure

White Paper from Object Matrix

Fri 22, 07 2022

Organisations who need to monetise or exploit their archives require instant and predictable access to content and metadata from anywhere at any time. In order to achieve these goals, content and metadata needs to be curated, portable, and stored in non-proprietary formats so it can be exploited, shared, re-used, or moved to new platforms. If you are primarily using LTO or ODA platforms to access your content, this can be inefficient, time-consuming, and operationally detrimental to your organisation, which is why many organisations are looking to replace or augment those platforms with more modern alternatives.

MatrixStore Hybrid cloud storage is a media-focused platform that combines high-speed on-premise workflows (transcode, transformation, file acceleration, etc.) coupled with seamless and non-proprietary synchronisation of content, and metadata, to cloud storage platforms. You are able to manage multiple cloud buckets, with the content being more available and you avoid vendor lock-in.

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