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JUMP Actionable Segments

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JUMP Actionable Segments is a clustering tool that identifies user behavior relationships and breaks them into segments to trigger targeted marketing activities for each of them.- Identify segments by engagement, content type, content genre and CLTV

Understand user behavior relationships across the user base and cluster them for segmentation purposes.

  • Identifying relevant user engagement clusters

  • Identifying relevant user consumption type clusters

  • Identifying relevant genre consumption clusters

  • - Make an impact using the right multichannel marketing campaign

    Launch multi-channel marketing campaigns to each identified audience segment  to impact users with marketing actions, such as:

    • Engagement promotional campaigns

    • Content campaigns by genre segments

    • Content campaigns by content type

    • Low spender upselling opportunities

  • - Track campaign performance to measure effectiveness

    Once the marketing team actions have reached the audience, it is crucial to track their performance to learn what the most effective actions are for each business scenario.