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Consumer data analysis

Datazoom exists at the intersection of a Video Data Control (with raw data capture and ETL capabilities) and Real-time Automation. Our platform captures event, metadata, and heartbeat (a.k.a. FluxData) data generated during playback experiences. Data Pipes is the data capture and routing component of Datazoom, acting as an intelligent intermediary between data generating “Collectors” (like video players) and pre-integrated, data-powered, “Connectors” (like general analytics, QoE platforms, ad servers, and CDNs).

Operating with subsecond latency, Datazoom captures data from Collectors via a single, remotely updateable, SDK. Captured data is then fed into Datazoom, which transforms it into a universally accepted format for routing into any Connector via Data Pipes. Click here for the complete catalog of technologies supported within Datazoom’s ecosystem.

Datazoom helps broadcasters cut code from their video players, enhance analytics systems with data previously inaccessible, and build a real-time feedback loop to support greater automation within the video technology stack.

Don’t settle for a “one-size-fits-all” approach to data. Customize your data strategy to the needs of your company. Visit today and let your data flow!

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