Jump Retention - IABM Single BaM Product

Jump Retention - IABM Single BaM Product

JUMP Retention

JUMP Retention


JUMP Retention is a churn management solution, based on machine learning technology, that allows video service providers to predict how likely their audience is to leave the service and why, and impact the at-risk audience in ways that influence their future behaviour.- Understand when your audience is at risk and why

Sometimes users just have to – or want to – leave a video service. It is important to understand in advance when this happens, and if there is a trend.

Even more importantly, understand why they are about to leave, so retention campaigns can be launched.

  • Churn risk scoringTop risk users, High risk users, Low risk users

  • Main Churn influencers identification

  • Segmented churn analysis to make smart decisionsMain device, Audience Cluster, Geographical Region, Trial or Paying Users.

  • – Make an impact using the right multichannel marketing campaign

    Multi-channel marketing automation lets you make an impact on users with retention marketing actions, such as:

    • Engagement promotional campaigns

    • Retention promotional  campaigns

    • Win back campaigns

    • – Track campaign performance to measure effectiveness

      Once the marketing team actions have reached the audience, it is crucial to track their performance to learn what the most effective actions are for each business scenario.

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