Resolve - IABM Single BaM Product

Resolve - IABM Single BaM Product




Complete Integration

RESOLVE allows multiple processes to come together as one integrated workflow, including processes managed in other systems.The RESOLVE Framework provides the following ‘Features and Functionality’ available in all modules.

  • Multiple field types, relationships and validation dependency options

  • Configurable modules and templates

  • Each ticket can have its own workflow and/or be part of a system wide workflow involving inter- relationships

  • Enforce security by tiered, group access control across all ticket types

  • Notification settings – automated E-mail to individuals or groups

  • Comments and attachments for all documents – stored centrally

  • Group inheritance allowing for different levels of users (basic up to super user)

  • 3rd party accessibility (and access control in line with security policy)

  • Multiple user interfaces

  • Geo-data presentation of information

  • Graphical reporting dashboards

  • Extensive data querying and reporting options

  • Export to multiple file types or formats including XLS, PDF, XML, PDF, CSV or custom format

  • Audit logs track all changes to your data Highly configurable status workflow engine Validation rule setsAPI gateway access

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