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JUMP Deep Insights

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JUMP Deep Insights is a all-in-one business intelligence tool that provides insights about your service’s overall business performance, audience activity, content watched, and the experience provided


Understand your service’s business performance and audience activity to better define acquisition, retention and engagement strategies

An agile analysis of overall video service business performance is crucial to be able to take immediate action in order to increase conversion, retention, and engagement.

  • Service discovery

  • Service acquisition

  • Service monetization

  • Audience activity

  • Service cancellations


Understand your content catalogue performance to make better editorialization and content acquisition/production

Gaining insights into how content is watched and what the most successful content and consumption types are is a core part of daily video service management.

  • Consumption type performance

  • Content type performance

  • Content genre performance

  • Top performing content

  • Low performing content

  • Content providers performance

- Improve your service user experience on every screen identifying blockers and adjusting the user experience

Gaining insights into how the user experience is performing is a core part of video service product management. It drives actions like product feature prioritization, and changes in user experience that impact overall customer engagement.

  • User flow performance

  • Identification of the blockers in the user journey

  • Content catalogue performance vs UX sections and components