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Digital TV transmitters

Transmitters for digital terrestrial television distribution, including DVB-T(2), ATSC and ISDB-T.

R&S®TLU9 Transmitter and GapFiller Family

R&S®TLU9 GapFiller offers the highest reliability, ensuring troublefree operation.


The R&S®THU9evo heralds the next step towards minimizing operating for terrestrial broadcasting.


The R&S®TMU9 UHF transmitter family for TV – maximum flexibility, minimum TCO

R&S®BSCC 5G broadcast service and control center

R&S BSCC enables broadcasters for efficient distribution of high-quality video to the 5G ecosystem.

Maxiva™ UAXT Ultra-Compact / VAXT Ultra-Compact

Low Power UHF/VHF Transmitter / Transposer / Gap Filler for TV & DAB/DAB+/DMB Applications

DTV-H20 Series

VHF High Power Digital TV Transmitter, 1.3kW to 15.5kW

DTU-H10 Series

UHF High Power Digital TV Transmitter, 1.3kW to 15.1kW

DTV-M20 Series

VHF Middle Power Digital TV Transmitter, 740W to 5.7kW

DTU-M10 Series

UHF Middle Power Digital TV Transmitter, 650W to 5.1kW output power

DTU-L10 Series

UHF Low Power Digital TV Transmitter, 10W to 600W output power


UHF/VHF Low Power Multi-Transmitter / Transposer / Gap Filler

Maxiva ULX-OP / VLX-OP

High-Efficiency UHF & VHF Liquid-Cooled Digital TV Transmitters