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Digital TV transmitters

GatesAir’s award-winning product, the new Maxiva™ IMTX-70 Intra-Mast Transmitter, is a very compact modular multi-transmitter system.  It has been scaled to allow installation within typical hollow mast/tower structures, or vertical poles.  This tower structure itself provides complete protection from the outside environment, while allowing heat dissipation via convection, plus forced air cooling through the unit.

The diminutive dimensions of the Maxiva IMTX-70 chassis are key to this unique design. Measuring only 230 x 485 x 320 mm, it allows installation into a wide variety structures. Access is via a lockable and sealed door. Cooling air is provided by vertical air convection within the mast structure, complemented by small fans inside the chassis.

Although extremely compact in size, the Maxiva IMTX-70 boasts many features normally found in full-size systems, including the capability of housing up to six separate transmitter modules, each with up to 70W of average DTV power. Each module can be configured as a transmitter, translator, or on-channel gap-filler with echo-cancellation, using optional input cards. A DVB-S/S2 satellite receiver option is also available as well as GbE (TS over IP), ASI, T2MI, SMPTE-310M, and ETI inputs. Digital modulations are supported include; ATSC, DVB-T, DVB-T2, and ISDB-T. For ISDB-T/Tb applications, an embedded Re-Multiplexer and Layer Combiner/TS to BTS, can be included.

The RF output stage is a high-efficiency Doherty broadband amplifier for energy savings and minimal waste heat. For added redundancy the Maxiva IMTX includes dual redundant power supplies, configurable as 2 x DC, 2 x AC or 1 AC plus 1 DC. Remote control includes SNMP and a Web interface.

Main Features of Maxiva™ IMTX-70

  • Compact chassis: 230 x 485 x 320 mm

  • Up to 6 separate transmitter modules

  • Output power:  Up to 70W rms per module

  • Input interface options for each module:


  • Gbe port (TS over IP)

  • DVB-S/S2 Satellite Receiver input (including CAM interface)

  • RF receiver input for transposer/gap-filler configuration

  • Supports DVB-T/H, ISDB-T/Tb, DVB-T2, DAB/DAB+, ATSC modulations

  • Embedded Re-Multiplexer/Layer Combiner/TS to BTS (188 to 204 byte) converter for ISDB-Tb

  • Adaptive pre-correction circuits

  • High stability GPS / GLONASS receivers with battery

  • Option for 2 x hot swappable power supplies, 2 AC or 2 DC and/or AC/DC

  • SNMP, Web Interface and Touch Screen display

  • RF combiner option for multiple transmitter systems

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