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Ateliere Discover

Consumer apps and platforms

Ateliere Discover is a powerful white-label OTT service designed to help companies create their own branded iOS, Android, and Web applications in a fast and reliable way. Discover is entirely cloud-based, which maximizes efficiency and flexibility while minimizing costs. Content available on branded applications built with Discover has the power to reach millions of users worldwide.

Discover helps content owners better leverage their content libraries to reach wider audiences, increase profit, and lead programming and marketing decisions based on robust analytics. Our rich CMS allows users to easily create new media as well as organize and manage their content. Discover’s “WordPress-like” interface allows users to customize the content available and its arrangement on the screen, content metadata, and the app layout. App analytics allow users to retain customers better and longer with notification scheduling (push and in-app), reminding them to re-engage with the content they love. With Discover, all your video assets are in one place, so you can group, customize, and deliver your content in a matter of minutes.

The platform comes equipped with DRM, allowing companies to publish in different regions and have certain language localizations available in specified licensing windows. There are multiple monetization models for companies to choose from–AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, or a combination of the three. With Discover, companies are empowered to eliminate the middlemen, connect directly with their viewers, and receive all the revenue. Out of the box, Discover comes seamlessly integrated with Ateliere Connect™, the content servicing and supply chain platform in the cloud. Companies can use Connect-generated content to seamlessly deliver camera-to-consumer content, thereby doubling the benefits of leveraging Discover on its own.

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