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Core SDK’s

Consumer apps and platforms

The NativeWaves core SDK is a means-to-an-end component of the NativeWaves solution. This product’s main purpose is to ease the integration of the synced multiview experience by wrapping the NativeWaves APIs and managing and controlling playback to guarantee synchronicity.

The following functionalities are managed by the Core SDK:

  • Handles authorisation with NativeWaves service

  • Loads relevant information and exposes them to the App

    • Available events

    • Event information and available entities for a selected event

  • Connects third-party data providers to entities and exposes the information to the App

  • (if required) Handles synchronisation of the smartphone/tablet to a main screen (e.g. TV, Laptop) via audio.

  • Handles playback of audio, video and data

    • Schedules playback with regards to sync information:Guarantee synchronicity of all active playback feeds (audio, video and data) to a common timeline.This also means, if you jump back in time for e.g. 30 seconds, all video, audio and data information moves back to the state of 30 seconds ago.

    • Provides interfaces to switch between entities of interest and jumping back in time.

The Core SDK does not provide any visual component. This means that the integrating app has to implement the UI and views while requesting data from the Core SDK. Furthermore, the app has to take care of any user interaction and pass relevant interactions to the Core SDK, like switching to a different camera or jumping back in time. The Core SDK provides call-back interfaces to report its current state to the app.

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