Singular Live 3 - IABM Single BaM Product

Singular Live 3 - IABM Single BaM Product

bam-product-image is a cloud-based digital overlay platform that is revolutionizing live video stream productions. With a robust authoring environment, built-in control applications, integration with the industry’s leading streaming software and devices, and an open API and SDKs for additional integration and customization, Singular is a complete platform for adding animating overlays to live streams.

Singular’s overlays are entirely HTML-based, and can be used in powerful, innovative ways. With Singular’s local rendering, each viewer can have a personalized experience, with targeted ads, local date and time, customized color themes, and even unique overlays or information than a viewer on another device sees. Local rendering also means less equipment. There’s no need for expensive render engines or licenses; any computer with an internet browser is all it takes.

Singular also allows for interactive overlays, increasing user engagement by allowing viewers to participate directly with the stream they’re watching. Users can vote on polls and see live updating results or click to see specific stats and overlays during a sports stream.

Singular overlays can also be authoring in adaptive mode to automatically resize based on the viewing device. Users on mobile phones and tablets will see different versions of overlays than users on laptops or smart TVs so every viewer gets the best possible user experience.

While Singular is a web platform – allowing for cheaper and greener remote productions without the need for travel or shipping equipment – Singular can also be utilized in SDI or NDI environments, allowing Singular to fit into both traditional and new broadcast workflows. What’s more, Singular is free to use.

With powerful and dynamic overlays, enhanced user experience, simple tools for authoring and controlling, a small equipment overhead, and a wide array of partners and integrations, ushers in a new age of broadcast and streaming possibilities at a fraction of the current cost.

Singular is the new standard for digital overlays.

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