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latakoo Manifest

Consumer apps and platforms

Manifest brings stations and stories across organizations under a single smart repository for efficient collaboration. Users can create assignments as well as discover, follow, and request stories happening in other markets. Its powerful indexing engine makes it simple for multiple stations to locate and repurpose a single story without having to create their own.

Stations can create, designate, and update assignments right in Manifest. Dynamic notifications inform crew members exactly when the story is dispatched, when the finished story arrives, and when the file is automatically delivered to your newsroom systems.

Smart indexing allows stations to search for stories by topic, location, or category and request them for their own market. Once a story is requested, it will be automatically delivered to that workflow as soon as the file is available.

Manifest integrates with other newsroom systems including AP ENP where information related to that assignment is automatically updated across both systems.

Stations can deliver media in the desired codec and wrapper right into their asset manager. latakoo is fully integrated with asset managers made by Avid, Grass Valley, bitcentral and Dalet.

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