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Roku TV App Development

Consumer apps and platforms

FX Digital has proven experience delivering high-quality Roku apps. If you are interested in developing an app for Roku, FX Digital will consult with your team to develop, design and quality assurance test your Roku app. As the Roku platforms continue to grow in popularity, we can help you navigate the Connected TV landscape and ensure your Roku app meets and exceeds your audience’s expectations.

Roku allows users to watch free and paid-for video content on TV using an internet connection. Roku’s Streaming Players and OS are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the US and building a Roku app will allow you to deliver content across both products.

To develop apps for Roku requires in-depth knowledge of Brightscript (the coding language used to build apps for Roku) and FX Digital has an experienced team of Roku app developers who understand the nuances of the platform and draw upon their experience to craft solutions to complex technical issues. We will collaborate with you to design and develop a customised Roku app to your specifications and requirements.

Our team has mastered the Roku SDK and have utilised the Software Development Kit to develop high performance, quality Roku applications for global brands. Our expert Quality Assurance and the Testing team have access to a wide range of Roku devices to ensure that the application meets the publishing requirements and provides a high-end, cutting-edge experience for your audience.

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