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IBM Watson Captioning

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IBM Watson Captioning is a solution that generates automatic closed captions for video using artificial intelligence. It automates the previously time consuming and costly process of creating captions for both on-demand and live video content, empowering content owners and broadcasters to quickly generate captions.


To automatically generate accurate captions, several different technological capabilities are used. This includes speech recognition, the ability to analyze audio and convert speech to a machine-readable format like text and audio recognition, the ability to separate noises like clapping from actual speech.

Caption generation is managed from a web based interface, allowing videos to be loaded into it and offers manual editing of the AI generated captions. Furthermore, the AI learns as more content is captioned and edited, while the learning can be managed from this same web interface.This includes the ability for hyper-local training as well, being able to teach the artificial intelligence on concepts like local politicians, accents, landmarks and more.