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Facilis FastTracker

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FastTracker is designed to be a fast way to index, catalog and find your video, audio and still image files across all your project-based volumes, network mapped drives and local storage. A preview proxy can be generated for every file indexed, and full speed playback of preview files with audio is enabled through the FastTracker Adobe Panel.

Indexing can be automatic on a global scale, by watch folder to specific catalogs, or manual with drag-drop of folders. Catalogs can be assigned permissions just like virtual volumes, and file records can be assigned to one or many catalogs. Metadata tags are customizable, to add as much useful data to file records as possible. A media player for full resolution content is included, supporting desktop playback of hundreds of formats and codecs. There is no external workstation required for FastTracker, as the software, database and preview clips are held on the Facilis server.