Kilolink Server - IABM Single BaM Product

Kilolink Server - IABM Single BaM Product

KiloLink Server

KiloLink Server


KiloLink Server is a centralized Kiloview product management platform based on KiloLink. With KiloLink technology, the KiloLink Server optimizes the process of IP-base video transmission to remotely bulk upgrade, restore, reset, or restart any paired Kiloview products with a  few clicks.

With detailed management modules, you can manage a catalog or a specific device as you need.  Also, you can control the system permission of each user group and a specific user with a super admin account.

Centrally Manage All Your Kiloview Product

Users can manage all Kiloview devices via KiloLink Server, including Kiloview encoders, decoders, NDI converters, Cradle series, etc.

For remote management of multiple devices, KiloLink Server Free provides an efficient workflow, a safer data transmission, and a better user experience.

RUDP Based, Make Transmission Safer

KiloLink Server adopts KiloLink technology, which achieves multi-link aggregated transmission based on the BBR algorithm and RUDP (Reliable-UDP), and ensures that the entire data transmission process is secure & reliable with TLS1.3 technology and multiple encryption methods such as AES-256/AES-128/CHACHA20 available.

Easy to Deploy and Easy to Start

KiloLink Server supports Docker containerized deployment, with only one command, it can be freely deployed on Linux, Windows and other operating platforms, and users can deploy the system in the cloud or for private deployment.

Web Page Login, User Friendly

Simply with Chrome, Edge, Safari, and other web browsers, you can log into KiloLink Server.

More Advantages:

– Directly monitor the status of your devices

– Simply On-click to access the detailed parameters

– Batch manage and upgrades your firmware

– Stable operation with ultra-low resource consumption


Suitable for large sports events, multi-location remote interaction and other multi-device application scenarios

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