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Muxing Server™ IP+HD+ASI/IP+ASI

The Muxing Server IP+HD+ASI/IP+ASI is the newest member of DVEO’s cable industry oriented product line. This sophisticated live and stored media server and multiplexer is designed to ingest 50+ live compressed video streams and create modified “packages” with varying numbers of streams for distribution over IP or QAM.

The Muxing Server is a transport stream playout manager with IP or ASI out, built-in storage, live IP inputs, and built-in standards compliant re-multiplexing. It modifies services from local HD, ASI, or Gigabit Ethernet into a new transport stream. The system supports both SI and PSIP metadata and DVB to PSIP table conversion.

In addition to creating services, the Muxing Server also includes a schedulable player that will mix locally stored content into the muxed packages. During certain times live feeds are preferred, but at other times stored content will be preferred. This device allows you to repackage a mix of live and locally stored content into multiple offerings according to the subscriber’s budget.

Additional features include network jitter correction and configurable Forward Error Correction (FEC) support for SMPTE 2022‐1/2.

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